Vaping Accessories and eJuices

All Your Vaping Needs

We have all your eCigarette needs in one place. We produce our own eJuice in our specifically designed clean room. Using the best products you can find, our max vegetable glycerin eliquids are of the highest standards. We only use flavoring that has been analyzed by independent companies to NOT contain any of the known ingredients that are undesirable in ejuice. Vegan, Kosher, natural, safe, great tasting full flavored juices.

We also carry a full line of vaping equipment to make your vaping the best experience possible. If you've tried those little vaping pens and they didn't work for you, you need to try a real vaping rig that can deliver what you need when you need it to help you kick those nasty cigs.


Quiting smoking is a very difficult task that takes more willpower than most people have. Vaping is a safe way to curb your nicotine addiction as you ween yourself off of its addictive grasp it has on you.

I'm sure you have heard the bad press about vaping. Don't believe the propaganda the big tobacco companies have been feeding the public with fear. Simply, vaping is a great way to ingest nicotine and people that try it know. It was costing big tobacco money, and you can tell by the aggressive manor they went after it.

We keep up on all the most recent scientific studies (not just the "news worthy" tobacco funded studies), and the most recent word is, vaping is comparable to breathing regular everyday air. Here is a collections of the most recent SCIENTIFIC studies that have been released.