Screen Repair - Cellphone Repair

Cellphone and Tablet Repair

Apple iPhone Repair


iPhone 3GS - $29.99

iPhone 4 - $59.99

iPhone 4S - $69.99

iPhone 5 - $79.99

iPhone 5C - $89.99

iPhone 5S - $99.99

iPhone 6 – $109.99

iPhone 6 Plus – $149.99

iPhone 6S – $149.99

iPhone 6S Plus- $199.99



Apple iPod Repair


iPod Touch 4th Gen - $64.99

iPod Touch 5th Gen - $129.99



Apple iPad Repair


iPad 1 - $99.99

iPad 2 - $109.99

iPad 3 - $119.99

iPad 4 - $119.99

iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 - $99.99

iPad Air - $149.99



Misc. Apple Repairs


We do many other repairs to Apple products. Please call or come in to get prices and information on repairing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Most repairs, like a new charging port, Ear-Speaker, or New Battery is usually under $50. We do have the ability to save water damaged phones as well.



Android Cell Phone Repair


We do not list Android cell phone repair prices because there are simply too many to list and prices change quite frequently. Please contact us or come into our store to get a quote on repairing you Android cellphone or device. However, if your touch digitizer and LCD picture are working and just the outer glass lens is broken, we do glass only on most flat screen models for $95.00!

We repair cellphones and tablets at our store. Come in to get your cellphone or tablet fixed. If we can't get it repaired while you wait, we will give you a loner phone, most of the time the same phone you are bringing in to be repaired for the time it takes to get your phone in perfect working order.


Ask us about our phone replacement insurance! Never go without a phone just because you're clumsy. :)