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Want to cut your cell phone bill in half or more?

Are you about to sign a contract with Sprint or Verizon, or are you getting close to the end of your contract with them? You must read this information; it will more than likely cut your cell phone bill in half or more!


If you are already a customer with Verizon or Sprint you are more than likely paying around $110 to $175 a month for your service. How would you like to use the same exact network. Yes, the same exact cell phone towers you are currently getting your service with now, for much less?

The secret they don't want you to know


These big guys have a ton of overhead, and they know it inflates their cost. They also know that it can be done for much less and there are people who do it for such. But, these big guys are not dumb, they have figured out a way to be their own competition by letting smaller more efficiently run companies lease their cell phone towers.

Boost Mobile uses Sprint's towers, and Page Plus uses Verizon's towers. The exact same service you are currently using, or are about to use, only instead of a $110 to $175 monthly bill, we can get you a top of the line, no contract service for much less. Usually $55 or less!

Right now Boost is offering


  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • 10 GB 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited 3G data (if you go over your 10GB of 4G)


For only $55 a month!


And we mean $55 + Ohio sales tax. Not a penny more. It is prepaid and you can never have overage charges. No contract, and we have several really nice phones you can get for free if you are bringing your existing phone number to Boost. Soon, you can bring your existing Sprint phone and use it on the Boost service. We are expecting this to take effect in Jan-Feb.

Check out some videos of the great no contract phones available


Boost Max ZTE 5.7" screen!


Boost Moto G


Boost Hydro Icon (water proof)



What are your choices for Page Plus (the Verizon network)?


First off you can bring any Verizon phone and have it put on the Page Plus service, today. If you are in a contract with them and 6 months have passed you can buy yourself out of the contract and keep the phone you received with them for free. We also have some great phones and even free phones you can get with no contract.


Right now Page Plus is offering


  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • 3 GB 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited 3G data (if you go over your 3GB of 4G)


For only $55 a month!


And that is $55 a month plus Ohio Sales tax, and never a penny more. Since it is a prepaid plan you can never get overage charges.


You can even shop our online store for Page Plus, Boost doesn't allow us to sell online.


Don't get sucked into the corporate cell phone store with the big price tags. Keep your money in the local community with a locally owned independent cellphone store. We also do repairs, and many other services and exceptions those corporate guys would never think of doing.

Come visit us, email, or call us 330-842-6303