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Want to cut your cell phone bill in half or more?

Are you about to sign a contract with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or are you getting close to the end of your contract with them? You must read this information; it will could cut your cell phone bill in half or more!


If you are already a customer with any of the "Big Four" you are more than likely paying around $110 to $175 a month for your service. How would you like to use the same exact network. Yes, the same exact cell phone towers you are currently getting your service with now, for much less?

The secret they don't want you to know


These big guys have a ton of overhead, and they know it inflates their cost. They also know that it can be done for much less and there are people who do it for such. But, these big guys are not dumb, they have figured out a way to be their own competition by letting smaller more efficiently run companies lease their cell phone towers.

Boost Mobile uses Sprint's towers, and Page Plus uses Verizon's towers. The exact same service you are currently using, or are about to use, only instead of a $110 to $175 monthly bill, we can get you a top of the line, no contract service for much less. Usually $55 or less! Bring your own phone. we have a solution for all carrier phones US or World Bandwidths.

Don't get sucked into the corporate cell phone store with the big price tags. Keep your money in the local community with a locally owned independent cellphone store. Aha Wireless & Repairs will take the time to truly help you find a solution and save you money. We have many accessories to protect and enhance your device, along side of repairs, and many other services and exceptions those corporate guys would never think of doing.

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